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Shoaleh Jahromi,
Certified Personal Assistant

Time is the most precious of all things – our PAs can help you get some of your own.

Proud of her career so far, Shoaleh is the most professional of PAs. Her work has taken her to many places, taught her how to think quickly and under pressure. Whether it be taking care of hiring your cleaning staff or organising a conference on the other side of the world, Shoaleh is more than capable.

When selecting a PA it is vital that you choose someone who understands that every task is important. Picking up the dry cleaning on time is just as vital as ensuring that a meeting room is booked.

Shoaleh has been working as a PA for over a decade and has vast experience in managing time as well as expectations. Her professional attitude, common sense and enthusiasm means that the work gets done.

Trust is imperative when allowing someone to work closely within both your work and home life. Throughout her career Shoaleh has been entrusted with access to business and private finances, lawyers, employing staff and organising care for children. Delegating such tasks to Shoaleh will ensure that your life runs smoothly allowing you to have more time to do what you want to do.

Shoaleh is an expert in creating systems to assist with the smooth running of both business and family life. In previous roles Shoaleh has orchestrated entire house moves, from sale to moving in, managed country homes, and assisted with the renovation of properties. Thriving in highly pressurised environments and with time sensitive tasks, Shoaleh has proven to be invaluable to the families she has worked for.

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